“I am very pleased to be working at A&G Pharmaceuticals, back in my career field again!  It has not been easy to get back into the job market (five year absence due to military transfers).  MTC assisted me in getting current again in the bio-tech industry. I am most appreciative of their support.”                                                  

                                                                   Ngan Pham Mitchell 

 What to Expect As A Participant of MTC

Revitalize Your Job Campaign

  • Rebuild your confidence during a workshop modeled after the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment Model
  • Benefit from one-on-one career coaching
  • Develop a career campaign with best practice methods for the new economy
  • Expand your network and interact directly with employers
  • Tap into MTC partnerships to support your career objectives

​Obtain In-demand Skills and Industry Certifications to Better Compete

  • Earn certifications, skills and, training that boost your marketbility
  • Access opportunities to “earn while you learn” 
  • Connect to career opportunities in thriving industries that offer sustainable and well-paying roles

Receive Support You May Need to Succeed in Your Job Search

  • Stress and financial management services to help keep you resilient
  • Intensive support from a Career Coach to help develop your MAP to reemployment

All of these interconnected services are provided at no cost to persons accepted into the intitiave and become MTC candidates

Maryland Tech Connection provides candidates with a fresh and robust approach to succeed in the IT and Bioscience industries.

MTC Participant Services

How do I become a Participant?

  • Step 1 -  Click the button above and complete an MTC Interest form (a copy will be automatically forwarded to the career coach in your area)
  • Step 2 - Meet one-on-one with MTC Career Coach
  • Step 3 -  Complete Career Assessments    
  • Step 4 - Once Accepted, you will participate in one or more of the following activities:
  1.    Attend the Career Restart Bootcamp
  2.    Begin training
  3.    Begin job campaign  (depends upon individuals education and work experience within the industry) 
  • Step 5 - Develop a Career Map - a collaboration between the MTC candidate, Career Coach and Industry Navigator

Maryland Tech Connection

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Maryland Resident
  • At least 18 years of Age
  • Minimum 19 weeks since last full-time position commensurate with your education and experience level
  • Post-Secondary Education or Experience that will lead to success in either Bioscience, IT, Cyber, Adv. Manufacturing, or Health careers
  • Demonstrate an interest and aptitude for IT, Cyber, Bioscience, Adv. Manufacturing or Health professional positions
  • Motivation to take charge of your job campaign
  • ​At this time MTC is not able to accept career changers. Interested candidates must have at least 1 or more years of education and/or experience in IT, Cyber, or Bioscience.